Home Heating Oil Delivery in lynchburg, va

Fast and Dependable Delivery of Home Heating Oil and Kerosene for over 40 years.

Since our founding in 1968, our primary focus has been to be the most professional and dependable Heating Oil company in the Lynchburg Area. We have a dedicated and experienced staff of office personnel and what we think are the best drivers in the business. Combine our exert staff with our large, storage facility, fleet of modern delivery trucks and we have a combination that is tough to beat.

We try to offer the widest array of delivery and payment options possible. In addition we are proud to offer our Senior Citizen Customers a special discount as well.


Please remember that we work with all area Fuel Assistance Providers. Call us and we will do all we can to help direct you to all the resources we are aware of.
Product "In House" Charge Price "In House" Charge Senior Citizen (S/C) Payment on Delivery Senior Citizen-Payment on Delivery
#2 Heating Oil 2.7492.699 2.699 2.649
Clear K-1 Kerosene 3.399 3.349 3.349 3.299
Note: Minimum Delivery is 100 Gallons, however we will deliver 50 Gallons with a $25 Delivery Charge.



Will Call

This is our most popular option. As a Will Call customer you are responsible for ordering your oil. Check your Tank Gauge regularly and provide us one day's delivery notice. Our trucks are Radio Dispatched and many times we are able to accommodate same day deliveries. Obviously, when it's colder and we are extremely busy — same day requests can be harder to accommodate. Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons — however we will deliver orders of 50 gallons with a $25 Delivery Charge.


Peace of mind — that's what our Automatic Delivery customers have. Automatic Customers don't have to worry about running out of Oil — we take care of that for them. We use the tried and true Degree Day method to keep tanks filled in the most efficient way. If we somehow make a mistake and we let you run out — a phone call night or day will get you up and running again quickly — at no cost to you.


Payment at Time of Delivery - Cash , Check or Credit Cards

Customer who pay for their Oil in the office before delivery or pay the driver at the time of delivery receive a 5 cents per gallon discount. This payment can be Cash, Check or Credit Card. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express Credit Cards for payment.

You can now pay On-line with your Credit Card by visiting our Pay on Account page

30 Day Terms

With approved credit, you have 30 days to pay for your purchase before Finance Charges begin accruing.


This is quickly becoming our most popular option. Our Budget Plan is a 10 month program that begins in September and ends in June. We use our best estimate for your Oil purchases for the Winter, combined with our best estimate of the price of Heating Oil to arrive at your monthly Budget.

For example: if we estimate you will need 425 gallons of Heating Oil for the season, and the estimated average Retail Price is $3.50 per gallon, your Budget Payment would be $150 per month. (425 gallons times $3.50 = $1487.50 divided by 10 equals $148.75 which we would round to $150).

A couple of notes on our Budget Plan — we require (as all budget plans do) that you make your Budget Payment every month regardless of your balance. No finance charges will accrue on your purchases of Heating Oil if your Budget Payment is made each month. June is what we call the ‘settling up” month where your last payment should zero out your balance. We will make adjustments to your Budget Plans if it appears either you consumption or the price of Oil is significantly different than our forecast.