HVAC Service and Installation in lynchburg, va

We provide service and Installation of Furnaces, Air Conditioning Systems and Heat Pumps. Proudly represent Carrier since 1969.

Candler Heating & Air specializes in providng our customers with the newest and best air conditioning units available. In addition we provide maintenance and repair of exisitng units including:
  • Air Conditioners
  • Heat Pumps
  • Furnaces (Oil, Gas and Electric)
  • Humidifiers
  • Indoor Air Quality Equipment
Our Services Include
  • Installation of HVAC units
  • Preventative Maintenance / Annual Service
  • Repairs
  • Installation of indoor air quality equipment - including humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, and UV lamps


Better Air Quality

Right now, take a deep breath. Immediately you know the quality of the air you just breathed. At Candler Heating & Air, we understand that every breath you take is a measure of our success, a test of the work we do. That is why we consider indoor air quality so important. From newborn to middle age and beyond, you want your loved ones to be safe and healthy. Candler Heating & Air is there to ensure your health and our success. After all, that breath you are about to take is another test for us. So go ahead. Breath. It is safe, thanks to Candler Heating & Air.

Better Energy Efficiency

We live at a time when consumers demand high efficiency from their energy. We understand this. We know that, if we want your business, we must provide first-class service in this area. When you want it cool in the summer, your house stays cool. When warmth is what you want, your house maintains its warmth. It is simple but necessary. And it is yours, thanks to Candler Heating and Air.
  • Smoother Operating Units
  • Energy Star Components
  • Faster Heating and Cooling
  • Reliable Service Plans
  • Reliable Units